Decompress & Power Up

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All of us have stress in our lives, but in the world today, the pressures of measuring up and the disappointment of unmet expectations often result in unhealthy levels of anxiety. Sometimes anxiety even leads to depression.

In this environment, it is critical that we take time to relax and rejuvenate. I am spending time this weekend with my family in the mountains, the perfect place to decompress. We are in Winter Park, Colorado, hiking up the ski slope, biking along the river, and hanging out at the local watering hole. It is peaceful here now just prior to the busy ski season.

As we exercise, breathe the fresh mountain air, and seek out the elk who are coming down from the high country to mate, the worries of the world melt away restoring both our mental and spiritual health.

Take time this fall to relax and rejuvenate, decompress and power up. Spend some time outdoors with family and friends.