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Watkins’s outlook provides an inside view of the young generation’s mental territory. A rewarding read for anyone looking to establish a positive relationship with the upcoming generation.

– The Library Journal

A perfect complement to the psychological and medical research with a mother's touch and from the unique perspective of a transformational change expert. If you work with teenagers, this book must be on your shelf. If you work with parents, this book must be on your shelf. If you work with educators, this book must be on your shelf. It is the hope students need in a time of uncertainty and pain!

– Mike Fritz, International Speaker & Bestselling Author

ON SALE NOW! ESCAPE from Dark Places

Guideposts to Hope in an Age of Anxiety & Depression

Young people today are tech-savvy, confident, and positive. They are also stressed, anxious, and depressed. One in four young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 has a diagnosable mental illness, and the number is growing. So what is the problem and how can we help?

A motivating story of triumph over anxiety and depression, Escape from Dark Places shares a mother’s journey to find answers to her son’s anxiety and depression. Her discoveries offer a new framework for intergenerational dialogue that will enable all of us — parents, grandparents, church leaders, and mentors — to be part of the solution.

Moms and others traditionally sidelined from the recovery process can learn how to play a critical role in empowering young people to:

  • Accomplish a more stable sense of self to enable feelings of contentment and fulfillment
  • Filter out the noise of technology and the Information Age to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Initiate a stronger conversation about prevention and recovery that can better drive attitudinal change
  • Think about the big life questions that enrich lives with meaning and purpose
  • Attain real world life skills that enrich interpersonal relationships and promote success in the workplace

Escape from Dark Places offers guideposts toward mental and spiritual health that will inspire societal and spiritual reconnections, fight indifference, stop the stigma, and spread hope.

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